A local art collective have announced an exciting new event taking place in Manchester next month to add to your cultural calendar!

Artside, an organization dedicated to building and supporting a stronger creative community in the UK, will be hosting their annual ‘Summer Open’ on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of September.

PICTURED ABOVE: Guests admire art instillations at Artside’s spring open.

Originally a collective of local artists and creatives with the goal of supporting each other, sharing news about opportunities and events and developing their skills, Artside has since grown into a vital platform for artists to showcase their work through the curating of events and exhibitions.

Their ‘Summer Open 2022’ will see some of the biggest and brightest names in art from across the UK debut their latest works at the Ducie Street Warehouse in Manchester in a spectacular two-day event featuring a ‘private view’ afternoon with a sparkling reception and an insider look at the pieces on the Friday before a general opening on the Saturday.

Artside Founder and Director Jordan Garside said:

“The Summer Open is a celebration of all things creative, championing UK artists across multiple mediums, featuring pieces of both art and performance”

PICTURED ABOVE: Patrons gather to talk all things art at another of Artside’s fabulous opens.

Like all of Artside’s seasonal ‘opens’, held throughout the year, the exhibition is open to creatives of all mediums and skill levels.

Holding open access art exhibitions such as these, provides emerging artists with an opportunity to reach a wider audience and generate sales.

PICTUIRED ABOVE: Artside’s spring open proves a roaring success.

Jordan explained: “Artside is about building a bigger, brighter and stronger creative community across the UK; something much needed after the 2020 pandemic.”

“We’ve been humbled by the outreach and interconnectivity over the past twelve months, it’s truly the beginning of something greater than the sum of its parts.”

The open will showcase art of all forms including live performances, ceramics, and acrylic, mixed media and oil-based paintings, all of which will be available to purchase.

Featured artists will include BSP, a spellbinding synesthetic artist who has toured across Europe and the Americas and more recently performed at the Tate London with her show ‘The Blending of senses’, and returning acrylic artist Chelsea Entwhistle, plus many more!

PICTURED ABOVE: Discussing the finer points of artwork at another successful Artside exhibition.

The event will also see several prizes up for grabs including the People’s Choice, chosen by the public attending the exhibition, Curators Choice – Chosen by the Artside team, and including a spot at the next seasonal open, and the Headline Award – chosen by Jordan himself, which includes an automatic place at Artside’s next Biannual Expo event.

PICTURED ABOVE: Recipients of Artside’s coveted awards receive a cash prize.

Tickets cost £15 for Fridays private view afternoon and £7 for general admission on the Saturday.

To purchase tickets and for more information about the event and featured artists click here or email [email protected].