The 4 year anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing that took the lives of 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert came up this weekend and we want to reflect on the incredible acts of kindness from local businesses.

For Mancunians, the 22nd of May is the day where we mourn the loss of 22 innocent victims that sadly lost their lives from a cruel act of terrorism that occurred during an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

We want to reflect on the incredibly kind actions from local businesses to get the victims to safety. Local taxi firm, StreetCars, were quick to act by turning off their metres and picking up concertgoers who were stranded and in shock, driving them to safety.

One of the drivers, Sam Ashrad, the owner of StreetCars, realised something wasn’t right while driving past the arena shortly after the explosion. 

In a statement he gave to American news channel CNN, “I saw children screaming and running. It was horrifying to see young children running, just to imagine what they were going through.

The local firm started to quickly get calls from panicking parents, worried about the safety of their young children.

From that moment, the firm began providing free transport for those stranded to quickly get them to safety.

The hashtag #RoomsForManchester started trending to get the word out to people in need, providing much needed transport and shelter.

Sam also spoke to Canadian CBC News channel about the experience and how the firm supported the victims: