It’s been an emotional week for UK citizens as over 300 Tory MPs voted against free school meals for children over the holidays. Naturally, the british public were outraged and the government came under heavy criticism.  

Earlier in the year, Manchester United player Marcus Rashford created an incredibly successful campaign to provide free school meals to disadvantaged children over the summer holidays. 

The motion was discussed in the House of Commons to extend the free school meal initiative over the October half-term and Christmas holidays in order to support families who have been hit the hardest from the pandemic who were already struggling in the poverty line. Unfortunately, the motion was lost by the government’s majority, voters included PM Boris Johnson, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, health secretary Matt Hancock and former PM Theresa May. 

Marcus Rashford responded with the below Twitter post stating “A significant number of children are going to bed tonight not only hungry but feeling like they do not matter because of the comments made today”.

Tensions grew high with Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, calling on Tory MP ‘scum’ in which she later apologised.

A Tory backbencher went on to accuse Rashford of “celebrity virtue signalling on Twitter” saying “where is the slick PR campaign encouraging absent parents to take some responsibility for their children?”.

This controversial decision will affect millions of families across Britain with even Nigel Farage, arguably the most disliked UK politicians, stated the government were “mean” and mentioned why they were able to financially support the Eat Out to Help Out scheme but not feed hungry children.

Since the news broke many businesses have taken the initiative and joined Rashford in helping to feed school children this winter.