Vibe Manchester visited a new Art exhibition project in Manchester which is pushing the boundaries and challenging perceptions of what art can be and who can get involved.

On the 8th August Art For Our Sakes held their latest one night only pop up art exhibition at the Seesaw Space, a creative hub, workspace, cafe, events and exhibition space set in one of Manchester’s historic warehouses.

PICTURED ABOVE: Art for our sakes founders Maddie Dutton and Natasha Lynch

Founded by former art history student Madeleine Dutton and Textile design student Natasha Emily Lynch, Art For Our Sakes aims to promote the togetherness and sense of community that art can bring, to those who may not be as involved in the Art world.

Natasha said: “Art For Our Sakes is a group exhibition that brings people together and puts on events in unconventional spaces to encourage people to have a dialogue about art”

“So we really encourage people to attend that maybe wouldn’t normally go to an Art exhibition, its an informal setting so just to enjoy paintings and different forms of art and have a chat about it”

PICTURED ABOVE: Art For Our Sakes prepares for their latest pop up exhibition displaying work from local artists.

Art For Our Sakes encourages audiences to engage with the multidisciplinary expressions that Art can take by attending one of their series of one night-only pop-up exhibitions which feature a range of art of all different mediums.

Maddie explained: “It’s pretty much all paintings today which is nice to keep a common theme but generally we don’t have any sort of specifications or criteria for people putting in their work it’s just whatever they want to show.”

PICTURED ABOVE: The varied work from local artists appeals to audiences from all walks of life.

Giving such freedom to those wishing to display their work has meant the events have become a go to place for emerging artists to showcase their creations.

Madeleine and Natasha hope the exhibitions will become a social hub for young emerging artists in Manchester and help to represent different voices that aren’t normally at the forefront of the contemporary art world such as artists from minority and less privileged backgrounds.

PICTURED ABOVE: Art For Our Sakes provides the opportunity for up and coming artists to express themselves freely.

By hosting their exhibitions in unconventional spaces like the seesaw space, Natasha and Madeleine aim to break down the ‘highbrow and hierarchal norms of art’.

The unique setting also offers an insight into the different ways we can see and engage with our environment, turning the space in to a part of the artwork!

PICTURED ABOVE: No artwork is to weird or wonderful for Art For Our Sakes latest pop up exhibition!

The pair also have big plans to expand the project.

Natasha explained: “We’re hoping to take it across seas and go to other cities and just expand, get bigger and better, get more artists involved and continue our ethos of being really genuine and doing it for the artists and for people coming to just have a great night!”