The 20th of April, International Weed Day, officially titled 4/20 – the day where individuals who love to smoke weed, smoke even more weed in celebratory fashion. 

The term originated in Oakland, USA during the 1970’s where “4/20” was used amongst highschoolers as a codeword for cannabis.

After a hard year of lockdowns, restrictions and regulations the winter blues are finally fading away as we welcome the sunshine. Making this year’s 4/20 feeling even sweeter than usual (or hazier?).

It is said that people meet on this date to advocate for the legalisation and exonerate the stigmatisation behind the use of the class B substance.

One of, if not thé, most popular location in England to celebrate the annual date of blazing is Hyde Park in Central London. On Tuesday afternoon, thousands of people descended on the park despite the event being canceled due to the pandemic and organisers being threatened with fines of £200.

People who visited the park have been heavily criticised by social media users, stating that attending an event with thousands of people during a pandemic, fresh out of lockdown is “selfish” and “irresponsible”. .

The relatively calm event took a violent turn towards 6.30pm as a 15 year old girl was reportedly stabbed in the leg. She was taken to hospital by paramedics – her condition is not set to be life threatening and will make a full recovery with no lasting damage.

Featured image (Twitter @Uncharming_Man)