An Oasis themed IPA pack announced by the company who creates iconic album covers into beer cans.


BeerWax, an ongoing Instagram project have announced their 200th BeerWax –  a celebration of Oasis – Definitely Maybe. An iconic album cover and photograph.

A multipack by Broo-asis Brewery.

The beers featured..

Definitely My Beer. 5.1%.

Bock & Roll Star. 5.1%.

Sup & Sonic. 5.1%

Sup in the Sky. 5.1%

Original artwork: Michael Spencer Jones. Brian Cannon (Microdot).

The business have also created awesome limited edition Definitely My Beer prints and t-shirts – be sure to grab one before they’re gone!

Sadly, the beers have yet to materialise into a physical form and are presented as concept art but who knows what the future holds…