The city’s largest independent taxi firm takeover Sale based, taxi-firm ScottsCars.

If you’re a Manchester resident then you have definitely seen StreetCars vehicles operating around for many years now. The firm has been working endlessly throughout the pandemic to aid key workers from transporting nurses and doctors to the hospitals to carrying out crucial food deliveries to those most vulnerable in society.

Now StreetCars have expanded their business by taking over ScottsCars and adding over 200 more vehicles to their fleet. The move has made the firm a dominant figure in the industry, allowing them to cater to the community more easily and efficiently than ever before.

A statement from the taxi firm about the takeover:

StreetCars is elated to a report we have taken over the well-known and successful local taxi firm ScottsCars.

We are so very pleased about this here at StreetCars. Not only have we effectively added 200+ cars to our fleet in a single move, but we are now in a position to serve the Manchester community more efficiently than we have ever had the power to do before. The resources this initiates into our possession will ensure we remain a cut above the industry.

Over the past few years our business has expanded exponentially, driven by the hard work of every single one of our staff members, drivers and of course, customers. With this in mind, it is only right that we take the opportunity to thank all the staff, drivers and customers of Scotts Cars. 

You see, we at StreetCars have a lot of pride over the fact that we got where we are organically. We planted these trees with our own hands and we have nurtured the saplings long enough to enjoy the shade they provide. Looking at the wilderness beyond, our efforts were not in vain. But one alcove does not make a forest.

It is this very philosophy that pushed us to look further, to look for an established company for us to utilise as a stepping stone in an exciting new foray. We did not consider this lightly, and it was an extremely tense process trying to find the right fit. However, Scotts cars made this easy for us. Their dedicated staff and well-experienced drivers made this easy for us. The respect shown in the countless testimonials about their service made this easy for us. It is never easy to decide which direction you must face, but it is much easier to decide who will face it with you. 

We can see the years of hard work, the years of dedication and the years of attention that has been invested in this company. We are excited to take all of that on and we are grateful for the opportunity to assimilate them into the StreetCars family.

Rest assured, the booking procedure has not changed for us nor Scotts cars, and no changes are planned. We intend on making this transition as smoothly as possible, we will be considering all the ways this may affect the community and the environment around us and we will act accordingly.

Once again, thanks for all the support from our staff and lovely customers. We look forward to the exciting times ahead!”