A Manchester based company has invented a product that will be a key player in the UK’s move to going net-zero.

We’re slowly coming out of what feels like one of the longest winters we have all collectively experienced and we all shudder at the thought of how much we have spent on heating our homes these past few months. 

During these difficult times and spending more time than ever in our homes, feeling comfortable and being cost-effective is massively important in our day to day. This is what Manchester based company Thermocill™ are setting out to do by providing an affordable energy saving solution.

Thermocill™ is a product you install under your window cill and creates a wall of warm air, reducing the level of cold air entering the house and minimises the level of warm air being lost through the window.

The average UK household spends over £100 on heating per month (£1,254 per year), installing Thermocill™ can save you up to 8% on your heating bill per year! 

Thanks to the patented modular design of Thermocill™, it can be installed on a wide range of window sizes and dimensions.

Thermocill™ is designed and manufactured here in the UK and is made from recycled Nylon waste – saving landfill waste. We are environmentally conscious and are able to contribute the government’s net zero target. Installing the product is not only easy, it’s environmentally friendly (made of 100% Nylon waste).

The company is on a mission to become a necessity in all housing across the UK and beyond.

We’ll be posting on where you purchase the product very soon, watch this space.