Overhearing strangers conversations while in public can be one of the weirdest/funniest moments when out and about.

Getting a little snippet of chat between some mates, strangers or people walking on the phone can provide some strange pieces of dialogue, that you’ll never get the beginning or the conclusion (which makes it all the better).

A popular Facebook group dedicated to posting hilarious quotes titled ‘Overheard in the Northern Quarter’ is dedicated to exactly that and the posts are pretty obscure to say the least.

Here’s some of our favourites…

Where can I get my chakras aligned?

Shagging in a canoe

Porn and speed addiction

He’s immune, everyone.

Not a fan of the sourdough

Crystal healing

I’m more me on MD

Manchester’s really changed

Be sure to visit the group and join for some free dopamine in the form of random strangers conversations.