Amongst many things (music, football, friendly people), Manchester is renowned for its street art/graffiti subculture.

For the longest time, graffiti has always been a part of the Mancunian landscape, whether you want it there or not.

Within the past 15-20 years, we’ve seen a surge in street art in the city, mostly concentrated in the artistic boroughs (NQ, Didsbury etc). It’s always a pleasant surprise when you’re strolling through town to discover a new mural has appeared, stopping you in your tracks to stand and admire it for a moment.

You can now browse the city’s street art both new and old in the comfort of your living room with a new book.

The title of the book Manchester Street Art: Murals & Mosaics by Eddie Taiwo is a collection of over 200 images Eddie collected over the years.

“I created this book as a way of giving representation to artists who may not be able to have their works displayed in prominent art galleries, which can at times be a closed and exclusive community. 

The street itself is a gallery and I hope this book helps readers to acknowledge that some of the UK’s best street artists are from or reside here.” Eddie states.

The book is available to purchase at Amazon here –