It’s been a major topic of conversation in recent weeks about the ownership of football clubs and fans have taken to the streets to protest to exercise their frustration.

The main example being Manchester United fans protesting the Glazers ownership of their team, outside of the grounds pre-game.

Born out of the commercialisation of football, F.C United of Manchester was created by football fans that were frustrated by the mishandling of their beloved clubs.

Located in Moston, FC United are committed to be of benefit to their local community with ethos of inclusivity, being a welcoming environment to everyone and anyone in the community. 

“A lot of people were sick of being treated like customers, as opposed to football fans.”

We chatted to club’s Board Member, Dennis Shannon and Community Liaison Officer, Vinny Thompson, about what the club represents and how it captures the old atmosphere that is so dearly missed in modern football clubs.