The little one was born at Burnley General Hospital and is currently being treated in intensive care.

Mother, Sheree Murray was at 25 weeks when she gave birth to little baby Archie who weighed a tiny 756g on December 1st 2020.

At just 5 weeks old, Archie had an E-coli infection which eventually led to Sepsis – a week later his parents were told by health care workers that their son had tested positive for Covid-19. This meant he had to be isolated for 10 days which his mother said “felt like an eternity”.

Ms Murray said she was “devastated” to hear that her newborn son had contracted covid saying the “killer virus was taking the healthiest people and my baby was so poorly, it absolutely terrified me”.

When she finally got to hold her baby after his isolation she said “it felt like I was finally able to breathe”.

Baby Archie is making a fantastic recovery and now weighs a very healthy 3lb – what a relief for the young parents!

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Featured image: Sheree Murray / BBC News