Sacha Lord, the city’s Night Time Economy Advisor has issued an ‘11th hour’ warning in light of furlough and grant schemes reaching an end which will ultimately have drastic, negative implications on the sector – predicting three out of five venues will not survive without necessary government support. 

A significant number of venues in Greater Manchester, as well as the whole UK, have fallen victim to financial struggle amid the global pandemic and without support will have to permanently close their doors indefinitely. 

Mr Lord criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the night time economy sector which contributes £66 billion to the UK economy yearly and employs 8% of the country’s workforce.

It is an embarrassment to watch our Prime Minister buoyant and jovial on TV, peddling unsupported false facts and hailing the great return to work, while ignoring a sector which brings in over £66 billion into the UK economy each year and employs almost 8% of the UK.

Sacha Lord strongly encourages government support towards the sector for 2021, “it is no longer a question of if they will close, but when” he states.