Community based schemes, programmes and activities have always been important in society to receive social interaction, meet people local to you, keeping updated with activity and getting involved by offering support.

During the time of the pandemic, people have been left isolated with little to no social interaction – the main group of people most affected by this is the elderly. Categorised as the most vulnerable members of society, it’s left a lot of older people scared of contracting the virus and afraid to leave their homes. 

For many older people, having the social outlet and support is massively important – staying connected to the community, partaking in activity allowing them to feel less isolated is crucial.

These kinds of initiatives can come in different forms but mainly a community ‘centre’ or ‘hub’ provides the means to fulfill these social needs for many..

What are community hubs?

A community hub is a location/venue run by or with significant involvement to the community. It is somewhere that can host and support a wide range of activities run by and for the community – it’s an accessible environment where locals can meet people in their area, attend workshops, partake in fun activities etc.

An example of a community hub based in South Manchester is Inspire Levenshulme. Based inside a former Church, Inspire Levenshulme is a multi-purpose community hub. “Inspire is a beautiful, thriving and well-loved Centre owned by the people of Levenshulme.”

“The Inspire ethos is to put on events, classes and activities which benefit the people of the surrounding area through community activity, creativity, enterprise and fun. But [we] also aim to draw people in from further afield to both take part in [our] activities and to see the positive aspects of our neighbourhood.”

The team have been keeping busy throughout the pandemic with their schemes to aid the area such as The Bread and Butter food project, meal production and food deliveries, community support and online activity..

Inspire Levenshulme brings a lot of joy and comfort to the people of Levenshulme and beyond – community hubs are essential to bring people together, especially during these terribly troubling and uncertain times.

Please check out their website and socials, perhaps offer a donation or to volunteer? You’d be helping to support locals directly and can be a part of something very special.

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