To the fans of Halloween who are sad they won’t be doing anything to celebrate Spooky Season this year, worry not as a unique drive in experience has come to Manchester that is an absolute must!

Be under no illusion, this is more than just a drive in cinema. 

Upon arrival, you’ll be led into a scare tunnel and greeted by actors dressed in horrifying costumes as they creep towards your vehicle to scare the life out of you! Expect the unexpected as this event is not for the faint hearted..

To follow government social distancing guidelines, the whole event is contact-free with all cars spaced 2m apart and tickets will be scanned through car windows.

Good luck with venturing out your car to go to the toilet, you’ll be in for a fright!


15th October: Get Out at 9pm

16th October: Blair Witch Project at 9pm

17th October: Frankenweenie at 12pm, Beetlejuice at 4pm, US at 8pm

18th October: Goosebumps at 12pm, 28 Days Later at 4pm, The Hills Have Eyes at 8pm

19th October: The Conjuring at 9pm

20th October: Annabelle at 9pm

21st October: The Conjuring 2 at 9pm

22nd October: Annabelle Creation at 9pm

23rd October: Hocus Pocus at 6pm, The Nun at 9pm

24th October: Coraline at 12pm, The Curse of La LLorona at 4pm, Annabelle Comes Home at 8pm

25th October: Monster House at 12pm, The Grudge at 4pm, The Exorcist at 8pm

26th October: It at 4pm, Crawl at 8pm

27th October: It Chapter 2 at 4pm, The Lighthouse at 8pm

28th October: Scary Movie at 4pm, Paranormal Activity at 8pm

29th October: The Witch at 4pm, Cabin in the Woods at 8pm

30th October: Child’s Play at 6pm, The Descent at 9pm

31st October: Coco at 12pm, The Invisible Man at 4pm, Halloween (2018) at 8pm

1st November: The Haunted Mansion at 4pm, The Ring at 8pm

2nd November: The Conjuring at 8pm

3rd November: The Conjuring 2 at 8pm

4th November: The Invisible Man at 8pm

5th November: Insidious at 8pm

6th November: Blair Witch Project at 6pm

6th November: The Hills Have Eyes at 9pm

7th November: Hocus Pocus at 12pm

7th November: The Nun at 5pm

7th November: Halloween (2018) at 9pm

8th November: Coco at 12pm

8th November: The Exorcist at 5pm

8th November: Annabelle Comes Home at 9pm

9th November: The Conjuring at 8pm

10th November: The Conjuring 2 at 8pm

11th November: The Invisible Man at 8pm

12th November: Insidious at 8pm

13th November: Blair Witch Project at 6pm, Friday The 13th (2009) at 9pm

14th November: Hocus Pocus at 12pm, The Nun at 5pm, Halloween 2018 at 9pm

15th November: Coco at 12pm, The Exorcist at 5pm, Annabelle Comes Home at 9pm

Purchase tickets here (they’re selling quickly!):