Last week, I interviewed Gary Sinyor, the writer and director of a new
comedy series released on Amazon Prime, “The Jewish Enquirer.” During
the interview, a question was raised as to whether or not comedy should
highlight and comment on complex social issues such as racism, sexism
and discrimination.

We also discussed the main character of the show, Paul Green, and how he
reflects the hypocritical nature of people’s thoughts towards such topics.
Sinyor stated: “you can’t hide the fact that, in the back of people’s minds,
there are things going on they can’t express on Twitter or in the papers.”
Sinyor also commented on classic comedy shows that inspired him whilst
creating The Jewish Enquirer, noting how they tackled controversial
subjects relevant to them.

So what do you think, its it comedies job to tackle taboo content?

Full interview with Gary Sinyor, Writer and Director of ‘The Jewish Enquirer’