New Amazon Prime SitCom follows clueless journalist Paul Green as he tries to right the world’s little but frequent wrongs!

The Jewish enquirer is a new 6 part SitCom written by Gary Sinyor, 57 who’s hails from Didsbury, but now lives down south with his family.

It follows journalist Paul Green as he navigates the worlds pet peeves and, more often than not, ends up getting himself in trouble. 

Paul, played by Tim Downie, writes for the UK’s fourth biggest circulating Jewish newspaper and is therefore not exactly in a situation to save the world. More often his job involves covering community stories, but that doesn’t stop him trying.

Along side this he has to navigate a number of testing personal relationships. The constant nagging from his sweary sister Naomi (Lucy Montgomery) and his hard to please dad Ronnie (Geoff McGivern) leads to hilarious situations.

Writer/Director Gary Sinyor says:

“I wanted to create a mainstream comedy about a truth-seeking journalist with big ambitions who is limited to hunting down rubbish stories for a small-time paper. In his head, he is on a mission to challenge the perceived injustices of modern day society. His Editor, however, wants stories about the shopping habits of the Chief Rabbi. Paul is clumsy, stubborn and befuddled by just about everything. As am I. It’s a bit like Curb but without the celebrities, the money, the fame and baldness”

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