Spoons have announced that they will be increasing their food menu amidst the end of Covid restrictions.

Venues in the hospitality sector have benefited from a temporary 5% cut in VAT to keep businesses afloat throughout the pandemic.

People have asked for the tax cut to remain in place for the foreseeable to help hospitality businesses find their feet as we lean into normality and nightlife returns. However, the government has stated that it will return to 20% in stages over the next 12 months.

The popular and famously cheap pub chain, Wetherspoons have published their trading stating that as tax begins to rise, as will their food prices.

The statement in question read “The interim rise to VAT of 12.5%, in September 2021, will result in Wetherspoon having to increase food prices by around 40 pence per meal.

On Monday, Boris Johnson confirmed that all legal restrictions will end on July 19th.